How the iPhone 7 free giveaway works

Below we have described how to enter the free iPhone 7 plus giveaway and what the prices are if you are the lucky one to be drawn by the system.

By doing this we hope to limit the confusion of the iPhone giveaway so that everyone knows how the giveaway works in order to win a free iPhone 7.

Free iPhone 7 plus giveaway content

What Is Inside The
Free iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

The iPhone 7 free giveaway contains the following items. One iPhone 7 with all the cables and earbuds plus a rapid charger with battery.

Claim spot iPhone 7 free giveaway

What Do I Need To Do
For My Spot In The Giveaway

To claim your spot in the next round of the giveaway you must complete the following steps.

Step 1 complete a free survey to get access to the entry form. Step 2 fill out the entry form with you honest details.

iPhone 7 giveaway custom security

Higher Value Giveaway Item
Needs More Security

Due to the high value of the giveaway we had to add extra security measures to ensure everyone has even chance to win a free iphone 7.

To make sure that software entries will not have chance to add entries to the giveaway. We ask everyone to complete a short survey, this will keep our giveaway clean for bot entries and you won't have to wait to long.

What can you expect from the free iphone 7 plus giveaway

Below you will find a short information section
that explains all the features of the iPhone 7 free giveaway.

  • World wide access

    We have made sure that everyone can access the giveaway no matter there location. The only restriction everyone has is the steps you must complete to win a free iPhone 7.

  • All devices supported

    The giveaway is available and accessible for most modern browsers and devices like smartphones and laptops. Smart watches are not supported.

  • Custom security

    iPhone giveaway comes with highly advanced deep learning security to keep the giveaway save and clean. From bots and hackers.

  • IP abuse block

    New feature is the IP abuse block system. This detects abuse like multiple entries and more. System will then block the IP of the device.

Grab your spot for next giveaway round

The entire giveaway will only take a few minutes of your time to complete.