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Welcome to the free iPhone resource guide giveaway. If you are tired of fake giveaways then our ultimate resource guide is exactly what you need right now.

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  1. Select your own giveaway - Pick the giveaway that suits your taste and what your willing to complete for. When it is a survey, email submit or something else you are the one that chooses.
  2. Enter multiple giveaways - When your country has two or more giveaways available to enter you can do so. You are no more limited to what you can enter and how many giveaways you enter.
  3. Select your countrys giveaway - Enter giveaways that are available for your country only and not international ones. This makes your win chance go up by 60% then all other giveaways.

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1st Step

Download the guide to your device or read it online.

2st step

Select the giveaway that we have collected for your country.

3st Step

Enter your selected giveaway and follow the rules listed.

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